Aluminum RFID Wallets For Men

Let’s face it, your leather bifold wallet is old, worn out, and is too thick for your pocket.  Not to mention that any hacker can go to ebay and bulid him or her self an RFID sniffer for $20 and steal your financial information.  It’s clearly time to upgrade your wallet.  Yes, you should buy one that is designed to block RFID hackers but are aluminum RFID wallets for men your best choice?

Will An Aluminum Wallet Block RFID

RFID stands for Radio Frequency IDentification and it’s used for short-distance communication of information. It does not require line of sight to work, meaning that the RFID chip and the reader merely need to be within range of each other to communicate.

In general, metal and water are the best ways to block radio signals to and from your RFID chip. Once that radio signal is blocked, the data cannot be read.

Some people think that wrapping your credit cards in aluminium foil will be enough to protect them from RFID scanners. Like most things in life, if it’s too good to be true, it’s no good.  A foil wrapping will help, but it won’t stop the scanner. If the hacker gets closer to you, they will be able to penetrate the foil and steal your information.

If you haven’t yet bought some decent RFID protection, foil will help you somewhat, but it’s not a real solution to the problem. A neat idea is to line the money pouch of your wallet with foil, so that all of your cards contained within are somewhat protected from RFID scanning.  Interestingly, Tyvek has the ability to also inhibit radio waves so if you are afraid of foil damaging the magnetic strip on your cards, perhaps Tyvek would be a good short term alternative.

The most effective RFID-protecting sleeves, pouches, and wallets on the market are those that use a Faraday Cage which can be inside a leather wallet or an alluminum wallet by itself. Faraday cages in paper sleeves are also very effective, but will be less durable.

Will It Fit Comfortably In My Pocket


Aluminum RFID blocking wallets are minimal in size.  Typically just big enough to hold your credit cards, id, debit card etc.  Some of them have a money clip attached which takes up a little more pocket space but not mutch at all.

To put it in other words, it is smaller than your cellphone, much lighter than your leather wallet, and still holds all you

What Features Do They Have

Various Metals

The first feature worth mentioning is that usually you can selet a type of metal.  Usually the metal type decision is made based on the color you want.  Most metal wallets come with a “Carbon Fiber” option.  This is the high end metal for this type of wallet.  The reason people choose this is the unique color pattern and the fact that carbon fiber is lighter than other metal options.  The weight reduction may not be noticable enough to the average person to warrant the higher price tag.

Money Clip

The second feature is a money clip.  Most aluminum wallets come with a way to secure any cash you may carry onto the wallet.  Some have bands that wrap around the wallet to hold the cash to itself.  More commonly you will see a traditional money clip attached.  This does add a little height to the wallet, but not that much.  It may be worth noting that the elasticity of the band may not last as long as the flexibility of the metal, making the money clip a better long term solution.

Card Access

The final feature to consider when buying an aluminum RFID blocking wallet is how will you get the cards out of it.  Most aluminum wallets on the market today require you to push all the cards out of the case a little so you can grab the corner of the one you want.  Very few have a little thumb button to fan out the cards for you.

When considering accessing the cards, you have the option of side or top access.

Where Can I Buy

Almost anywhere.  You can buy them directly from the brand’s website, like Fantom or Rigid, you can buy them on amazon, Walmart, eBay.  Prices and shipping times may vary but these wallets are easy to come by.


If you are looking for a light weight, slim, unique, and stylish way to keep you financial information safe and accessible, an aluminum RFID wallet may be what you are looking for!


  1. Thank you for this information!
    I have only been hearing about these types of products for a few months now, and I think it would make a nice gift.
    Which types make it easy to get the cards out? Are most of them held together with screws?

    • Hi Irma,

      I agree, while these wallets have been around for a few years, it is very early in their adoption process. Besides myself, I have never seen on in use. I think the aluminum wallets that have a card fanning button are the easiest to use as they fan the cards out for you.


  2. Hi Jon,

    Thank you for all the information on these wallets I have been looking to get one for a while and now with your tips I can buy with confidence.
    I think you might have saved me from making a mistake, I was looking at the band style because of the thinner design but your point on durability changed my mind.

    Thank you for saving my wallet, so to speak


    • Hi Samuel,

      I’m really glad you found the article helpful!


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